My Family History & Genealogy


Escaping the Indian Mutiny

The following is a written account by my 3 x great grandfather William Connor of what happened to him and my 3 x great grandmother, Ann Sophia and their children during a mutiny which took place on the 20th May 1857.  Had the outcome been different, we would not be sitting here today reading this!  He states he had 6 children with him, two of whom were sick, the children he had with him I believe are:-

Rosa Victoria Connor aged 10

Edwin Joscelyn Connor aged 9

Ella Ursula Connor aged 6 my gt gt grandmother

Clarence Randolph Connor aged 4 who sadly died in January 1858

Eva Alberta Connor aged 2

James and Augustus, their two eldest sons were aged 16 and 14 so they may or may not have been with them.

I found this on google books and really hope I am not infringing any copyright issues by reposting it on here.  Sincerest apologies if I am.   

 Annals of the Indian rebellion, 1857-58




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