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The reports that appear via these links have been contributed by descendants, who have spent many hours and dedicated a lot of hard work to establishing who their ancestors are.  If you find you are descended from one of their ancestors and wish to use the information they have collated for any reason, whether it be in your own tree to have personally or to publish online then please email me and I will forward on your email to the person or persons who submitted the report, as I'm sure they will be happy to hear from a fellow 'cousin' no matter how distant and to extend the courtesy of requesting their permission before reproducing the information they have collated.  It is possible you will be able to help each other extend your own trees.

New genealogy reports will be added to this section as they are forwarded onto me.  Click on the link below to take you to the tree you are interested in.

Quincy Family - originating in Lincolnshire, also includes the name Ouzman among others.  Kindly contributed by Sue.

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