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Gaol Records - this fascinating collection of records are produced by the Bedfordshire & Luton Archives and Records Service, who have kindly given me permission to publish the information on this site.  The records in some cases include descriptions such as height, eye colour, complexion, plus details of their crime, sentencing, behaviour whilst inside and maritial status.  Please note: I have used the information to match them to the Dudley we have that has the same year of birth, therefore I can not guarantee that I have made the correct assumptions, however as you will see there are certainly some individuals whose identity can't be doubted!  I hope I do not offend anyone by publishing this information.   

In the case of the women it's possible that they may have been the wives of Dudley's but as I have so many maiden names to search I haven't cross checked these as yet, therefore if you find a better match then please let me know.  There are other Dudley's on the Gaol list that I haven't yet matched to any of our branch so again if you do take a look at the Bedfordshire site and find others then please let me know.  Click here to contact me

The first ones are the Dudley's we think we have identified.  Below these you will find a list of all the Gaol records they hold with the name Dudley, perhaps you will find your ancestor on here or be able to shed light on them.  

Ann Dudley - born 29 Dec 1803, daughter of Woodward Dudley & Letita Hall

Sarah Dudley - born 6 Aug 1797, daughter of William Dudley & Ann Odell

William Dudley - born 2 June 1794, son of William Dudley & Frances, husband of Zelpah Curtis

William Dudley - born 1791, son of Israel Dudley & Susannah Ball.  Husband of Mary Falkner

Richard Dudley - born 19 Jan 1823, son of George Dudley & Elizabeth Sinfield, husband of Eliza Maddox.  As you will see Richard has a rather extensive record having been imprissoned 7 times in total.

Elizabeth Dudley - born 1823, daughter of William Dudley & Sarah Russell.

John Dudley - born 1834, son of William Dudley & Mary Falkner

All Dudley Goal Records


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