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I recently found an online resource for Singapore newspapers.  The paper extracts which are in the following pages have come from the following papers:-

Straits Times Overland Journal

Straits Times Weekly Issue

Straits Times

T he Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser

Daily Advertiser

Mid-day Herald

This is the website where I found them:-

All of the following entries which were found in the above Singapore newspapers are of our Derrick family.  I have the original images of each article, but in order to keep the size of the document down I have had to type them out.  If there is a particular article you are interested in then I can send that particular image on request or you can go to the website and enter the date or some keywords to find the relevant article.  On the right hand side there is a way to narrow down your search by year which is useful if you are trying to find a particular article.  There are two articles that were too big to type out so have just put a summary, email me if you want the original item. 

All the entries relate to George Derrick b.1773 and Isabella Paul plus their children and grand children..

After some of the entries I have added notes in this colour

Whenever $ are mentioned these are Singapore Dollars


7 September 1878

Passenger Arrivals – Per Sherard Osborne, 1st September – From Penang – Mr and Mrs and Miss Derrick.

George Derrick is known to have been the Captain of the Sherard Osborne at some point

25 January 1881

For Singapore – From Calcutta; Mrs Derrick, Miss Derrick

2 June 1881

A flower show that was held, special awards – Mrs Derrick

8 December 1883

The SS Glenavon, Captain Donaldson left London on the 28th October and arrived at Tanjong Pagar wharf this morning, with the following passengers:-

For Singapore – Mrs Derrick and two daughters, Mrs Vincent and child.

Mrs Vincent is Isabella Alice Derrick, daughter of George and Isabella who married John Fletcher Vincent in Singapore in 1881.  The infant is Ethel Vincent born in 1882.  Mrs Derrick and two daughters are most likely Isabella Derrick nee Paul and her daughters, Agnes Anne Derrick and Nora Evelyn Derrick the latter of whom was born in Singapore. None of the other Mrs Derricks had 2 daughters at this time. 

20 September  1883

The Straits Insurance Co. Limited.

A Derrick is listed as a shareholder but the article is too long to include in here

27 September 1883

Supreme Court – In Criminal Assizes

This is a court case with a local boy being accused of theft.  Geo A Derrick who was a salesman to Messrs. Martin Dyce & Co, the company that the boy stole from, gave evidence in the trial.  Again this is a large article so have opted not to type it all out.

15 September 1883

The Straits Insurance Co Limited

This is a shareholders meeting, at which GA Derrick is present as a shareholder.

23 February 1884

The Fancy Dress Ball

This is detailing a Fancy Dress Ball which took place in the town hall, this extract says ‘The upper room is well known to all visitors as being one of the handsomest in the Far East.’  The article goes on to describe the decoration etc, it then goes on to list the principal characters present.  These included Mr G A Derrick – Cavalier, Mrs George Derrick – Lady of the 17th Century; Miss Derrick – A Gypsy

George Alexander Derrick didn’t have children so I assume that Miss Derrick is his sister Agnes who was single and born in 1867.  She was the only female Derrick who was single and old enough to have attended.

21 May 1884

Singapore Sporting Club

This article relates to a general meeting of the members of the Sporting Club which was held at the Exchange Rooms.  In among the members present are G Derrick and W Derrick.

28 January 1885

The Tanjong Pagar Dock Co Limited.

This is an article about the company meeting to consider a proposal to acquire the Borneo Company’s New Harbour property.   W H Derrick is listed as a shareholder that was present at the meeting.

6 May 1886

The Masonic Ball – G Derrick is listed as being on the committee organising this.

6 March 1886

Santa Anna’s School-Distribution of Prizes, Saturday 27th February

Missus Derrick is mentioned in that she is helping two others manage the school. 

I think this might be Agnes as she is the only daughter who has yet to marry.  If this was a wife then she would be listed as Mrs

30 September 1886

The Straits Insurance Co. Limited

William Henry Derrick is listed as a shareholder and is present at the shareholders meeting

27 January 1886


Wanted – Straits Insurance Co’s Shares end of April Delivery....$38.  W.H.Derrick Share Broker

Assume these are Singapore Dollars

5 August 1886

Marriage of Miss Cecily M A Weid and Mr Jasper G Mayne

This was a large wedding and a huge social occasion with Sultans and other dignitaries attending.  Miss Derrick was a guest and this is the gift she gave the couple:-

Miss Derrick – Gilt jewel basket

The article about the wedding is very long so I couldn’t fit on it on here but it does make interesting reading and is well worth taking a look at.  Again I believe this must have been Agnes.

4 April 1887

Straits Insurance Company Limited

Amongst the shareholders are William Henry Derrick and George Alexander Derrick

18 April 1887

‘In the list for the Cambridge Local Examination......................In the Third Class Junior Boys the name of E.H.D.D.Derrick.’

This is Ernest Harry Douglas Derrick.

8 June 1889

‘Mr W. H. Derrick, Superintendent of the Pahang Corporation, Sungei Lembing, has been appointed a honorary coroner for the district, and Dr. Rolph an honorary deputy coroner’

24 December 1889

Passenger List

Fantee from Linggie, Mr.Derrick’

I assume that Fantee is the ships name as it was abbreviated.

17 September 1889

Passenger List.

Will o’ the Wisp from Klang and Malacca, Mr Derrick’

2 July 1889

‘Passengers Outward

June 14, per Britannia from London......Mr Derrick’

15 August 1889

Ladies Lawn Tennis Tournament

Ladies Doubles

Miss Derrick and Miss F Keasberry

Results of Saturdays Play

Ladies Singles

Miss Derrick beat Mrs Newton, 6-3, 6-4.

20 August 1889

Ladies Lawn Tennis Tournament

Today’s ties

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Chaytor, ser. V. Miss Derrick and Miss F Keasberry.

Ladies Singles

Miss Wood, owe 15, v Miss Derrick, rec 15.

18 November 1899

The Malay Peninsula Prospecting

G A Derrick is listed as a shareholder.

10 December 1889

‘A Robbery Failed

Through Mr G A Derrick by chance returning to his home earlier than usual yesterday afternoon, he was fortunately able to save about $1600 worth of his mother’s and sister’s jewellery, and some $40 in cash, along with other valuables which were being carried off by a pair of Chinese boys, who had formerly been in his employ.  The general circumstances of the case go to show that the robbery must have been under contemplation for some time past, and that the thieves had laid their plans so well that had it not been for Mr Derrick returning as he did the probability is that his house would have successfully ransacked.  From particulars related to us, it would seem that Mr Derrick left his office in the Square shortly after 5 o’clock and arrived at his house ‘Spottiswoode’ off Neil Road, about half past 5 o’clock.  He went around to the back of the house, and was proceeding upstairs by way of the bath room, when he encountered two Chinese boys.  For the moment he thought they were his own servants and told them to clear out, and as they both turned round to comply with his request, he saw they had something bulky in their hands.  The Celestials no sooner saw that suspicion was aroused than they made a bolt for the door; one of them managed to get into the street and probably thinking Mr Derrick was at his heels threw a box of valuables behind him and effected his escape.  The remaining Celestial was not so fortunate for before he had a chance to get a dozen pases away he was promptly collard and taken back to the house when it was found that his name was Heng Peg X, a former servant of Mr Derrick’s.  The police were called in and the prisoner was escorted to the lock-up.  Both of the Chinese being old servant, they would be well acquainted with the customary routine of the occupants of the house, and this seems to have been the case, from the fact of the time which the affair took place, just after Mrs and Miss Derrick had gone out for their afternoon drive, leaving the house completely deserted.  The rooms upstairs were in the greatest disorder, and several of the drawers which contained valuables had been forced open and then contents gone.  The thieves must have been disturbed in their work, for a quantity of jewellery was lying about the drawers and some about the room.  Both of the boys were at that time in the employ of Mr Galbraith, who resides about 50 yards off, and a telescope belonging to that gentleman was found lying amongst the other property which has been thrown away.  Fortunately as far as can be seen, all the goods have been recovered.  Heng Pan Kee was brought before the magistrate this morning, and at the request of the police, who wish to arrest the escaped man, the case remanded till next Wednesday’

10 July 1889

Shipping News

Passengers Outward

June 14 per P and O steamer Britannia from London.....Mr Derrick

7 June 1889

Campbell Heard & Co. Limited

Notice is hereby given that by an order made of His Excellency the Governor in Council on the 20th instant, permission was granted to change the name of the above Company to that of ‘The Singapore Slipway and Engineering Company Limited’ by which name it will in future known. C P Derrick, Secretary, Singapore 25 May 1889

C P Derrick is Charles Paul Derrick

 26 October 1889

Shipping News

Passenger Lists

Glanggi from Pahang, Mr Derrick.

23 May 1889

A freemasons meeting where Bros. Derrick is mentioned which I assume means Brother Derrick.

17 September 1889

The Jelebu Mining and Trading Company Limited.  The Statutory General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Jelebu Mining and Trading Company Limited was held in the Exchange room at noon today.  Mr Sohst occupied the chair; there were also presents Messers....G A Derrick.

There is a long article about the company but have just taken this bit for now

3 December 1889

The St Andrews Ball.

There was a long article about the ball, Mr, Mrs and Ms Derrick were invited guests.

31 December 1889

A freemasons meeting where Bros. Derrick is mentioned.

18 March 1890

Passenger List


Per Preussen from Southampton, Mrs Vincent and children, Mrs Derrick.

Mrs Vincent is Isabella Alice Derrick, Mrs Derrick could either be her mother or a sister in law.

28 May 1890

The Reception and Birthday Ball

‘The following is a list of the invited guests: Mr. Mrs and Miss Derrick, E Derrick’

I think this must be George Derrick, Isabella and their daughter Agnes and Ernest their son

3 June 1890

Colonel Dunlops Retirement

Another Masons meeting, this time they refer to Brother G Derrick

18 June 1890

Affairs at Raub

This is an article about a telegram received by the Company Secretary, Mr Derrick.

Singapore 5 July 1890

The Raub Australian Syndicate Limited

In accordance with a resolution of the Directors notice is hereby given that shares on which all calls have not been paid on or before the 26th day of July 1890 will be liable to be forfeited.  G A Derrick, Local secretary.

30 July 1890


Paknn from Pakan, Messers Derrick and Lloyd.

6 August 1890

The Masonic Club.

This article is to do with a Masonic meeting, where Wor. Bros. Derrick was present.

3 September 1890

The Raub Mines

This is an article relating to the history of the mines and it in it states that Mr Derrick in the May of 1890 was appointed local secretary of the syndicate

22 October 1890

The Pahang Corporation

There is an article in the newspaper referring to a dispute between the Pahang Corporation and some Cornish miners it would appear.  It refers to a Mr Lasso and a Mr Derrick stating that one is a clerk and the other a school teacher.

3 December 1890

Ladies Lawn Tennis Club Tournament

Results of Wednesdays Play.  Profession Pairs.  Telegraph (Miss Derrick and Mr Doyle) beat C S I (Miss Isemonger and Mr Bland).

12 March 1891

British str. Calypso, Inkster, from Deli, arrived at the Tanjong Pagar wharf with a cargo of tobacco and Messrs.  Holley......Derrick.

17 March 1891

Arrivals Derrick per Calypso from Dehli

28 April 1891


At a meeting of Lodge St. George last evening, Bro C G Garrard was installed as master.  The following past masters assisted in the ceremony:- W Bros. Vaughan, Joaquim, Khory, Jennings, Presgrave and Derrick. 

This article refers to the Derrick as a past master

6 May 1891

Punishment of a Chinese Boy.

This morning a Chinese boy on a charge of theft was sentenced to six months rigorous imprisonment and ordered to receive ten cuts with the rattan and according to the facts of the case the sentence was well merited.  It appears that the boy was in the employ of Mr Derrick and on occasion of the march out of the Volunteers Mr Derrick who is a member of that force sent his bag (which contained a change of clothing and $40 in silver) home by his syce.  The syce duly handed the bag over to the boy.  The following morning the boy was asked for the money and instead of handing it over he put on a bland smile and denied that there was any in the bag.  Suspicion was aroused and the boy was handed over to the care of the care of the police, and when the case came before the magistrate, it was adjourned to admit of the Detective Inspector making enquires into the boy’s character.  The enquires proved rather derogatory to the boy self made good name for he himself it is alleged took the Inspector to a certain place near the cookhouse in Mr Derrick’s compound where after a few minutes digging, a small tin containing $29 was unearthed.  The boy said then that there were only $32 in the bag.  When this ingenious youth was again placed in the dock, two previous convictions for theft were read out against him.  He was sentenced to six months rigorous imprisonment, ordered to receive ten cuts with the rattan and bound over to be of good behaviour for a state period after his release from gaol. 

Detective Inspector Potteous deserves credit for the skilful manner in which he brought this boy to justice.

6 May 1891

The Jelebu Mining and Trading Company Limited.

 There is mention of a Mr Derrick who is a shareholder

­­­­­­­­­­­­29 May 1891

Her Majesty’s Birthday

Guests include Messer’s G A Derrick, Mesdames Derricks, Misses Derrick

This was a ball and again there is a long article describing it.

18 June 1891

Mr Derrick will be pleased to show the Raub gold to anyone who calls at his office tomorrow between 10am and 3pm.

29 September 1891

The S.C.C. Lawn Tennis Tournament.

Derrick G.H.

Joaquim A and Derrick, E.H.

E H Derrick is Ernest Harry...Derrick G H might be George Alexander his brother and they have put a H instead of an A because so far I haven’t come across any other Derricks, other than ours in Singapore at this time.


9 October 1891

S C C Lawn Tennis

Thursday Ties

“B” Singles

Freer – beat Derrick

There are at least 4 more mentions of lawn tennis and the Derrick family.


19 October 1891

This is an article on the Raub Australian Syndicate, referring to Mr G A Derrick who had received a telegram from Brisbane about an order.

13 October 1891

The Brisbane directors say that they will very soon pass a resolution forfeiting all Raub shares on which calls remain unpaid; and local shareholders who have any doubts as to their calls being paid are advised to see Mr Derrick, the Secretary without delay.

13 November 1891

Notice is herby given that a fourth call of Two Pence per share has been made, payable on or before the 4th day of December, 1891 at the Company’s Registered Offices, 128 Queen Street, Brisbane in sterling or at the Company’s Branch Offices, 3a Raffles Place, Singapore, at the equivalent of 5 ½ cents per share, Singapore currency.

Shareholders are requested to note that share certificates must be produced when paying Calls, in order that such payment may be endorsed thereon. 

By Order of the Directors, G A Derrick, Local Secretary. 

21 October 1891

The Jeleha Company

Again there is mention of a Mr Derrick a shareholder

8 December 1891

Mr Derrick has received advice by wire that an additional 10 head of stamps for Raub battery have been shipped from Melbourne by the B.I. Merkara.  They should arrive at Singapore about the end of this month.

16 December 1891


On the 12th instant at St Andrews Cathedral by the Venerable Archdeacon Perham, AGNES MARY, fourth daughter of the late Charles Macrae Robertson, of Liverpool to CHARLES PAUL third son of George Derrick of Singapore.

13 September 1892


At ‘Spottiswood’ on the 11th instant the wife of C.P. Derrick, of a daughter’

This would have been the birth of Hilda Isabel Paul Derrick

22 March 1893


On the 21st Inst, at Bukit Permie, the wife of J F Vincent of a son

This was Isabella Alice Derrick giving birth to Jack Vincent

 26 February 1894

To Let

Bukit Permie, Kampong Bahru.  Entry 20th March 1893.  Apply to Ungkoo Muda, Telok, Blangah or to J F Vincent, Bukit Permie.  Feb 21

15 March 1884

The Straits Insurance Company Limited

W H Derrick is listed as being present as a shareholder

15 March 1894

This was too long to type! The article relates to the husband of Isabella Alice Derrick.  It relates to the sale of valuable furniture from their house and appears to be selling off all their belongings.

20 April 1894

Passengers for Straits Settlements

Per Arcadia from London, Mar 16 – Mr E H Derrick

This is Ernest Harry Derrick

22 October 1895

To Arrive

Per M.M.s.s.Saghalien, from Marseilles, Oct 13, Mr and Mrs C P Derrick and child, Mr C D Derrick.

This is Mr Charles Paul Derrick, his wife Agnes and daughter Hilda Isabel Paul Derrick.  Mr C D Derrick...unknown

17 March 1896

Shipping Arrivals

British Str Darwin, Edwards, from Port Darwin, G A Derrick

This would imply that George Alexander Derrick went to Australia for a visit. 

31 March 1897

It is advertised that Mr G A Derrick resumes the local secretaryship of the Raub Australian Gold Mining Company from tomorrow.

4 Jun 1897

Passengers Arrived

June 3 Per Perdana: Mr Derrick

26 July 1897

Mr Bibby

Mr Bibby left by the German mail steamer Sacheen this morning for Europe.  Among a number of friends who saw Mr Bibby off were; .............Mr C P Derrick.....Mr Bibby, though somewhat improved in health, is still very week from the effects of his recent illness but is expected that the sea voyage will prove very beneficial.  His many friends wish him a speedy restoration to health.

2 April 1897


The Raub Australian Gold Mining Company Limited

Mr G A Derrick, having returned to Singapore, resumes the Local Secretaryship of this Compnay from April.  By Order, C P Derrick, Local Secretary.  Singapore 30 March 1897.

7 September 1897

The Late Mr C P Derrick

We regret to announce the very sudden death of Mr C P Derrick which occurred last night at his brother’s house, from failure of the heart.  The deceased had been ailing; but was not considered seriously ill.  The funeral will take place this afternoon at five o’clock, at the Cemetery; the cortege will leave Fern Cottage, Orchard Road, at 4.30.

7 September 1897

The Late Mr C P Derrick

We regret to hear of the death at an early hour this morning of Mr C P Derrick, a well known resident of this place and a son of Mr Derrick, for so many years connected with the Telegraph Company’s service.  Mr C P Derrick, who had a weak heart, and had not been in very good health for some time, had been out of sorts for a few days but was able to come into town yesterday.  Feeling ill, and consulting a medical adviser he was ordered to go home at once.  Though a little better in the evening his case became rapidly worse as the night advanced.  Drs Fowlie and Middleton were called in but there was no improvement and Mr Derrick died at 3 am this morning, at Fern Cottage where his was staying with his brother Mr G A Derrick and Mr Elliot.

Mr C P Derrick had been for over thirteen years in business in Singapore, first with Messrs. Powell & Co, and subsequently with Messrs. Campbell heard & Co at the Singapore slipway at Tanjong rhoo.  When the latter concern became a limited liability company Mr Derrick continued as the Secretary.  He also lately assisted his brother in the office of the Raub Australian Gold-mining office, retainly his charge of the Slipway. 

Mr C P Derrick, who has died at the early age of 32, leaves a widow, who is now in England.

The funeral takes place this afternoon from Fern Cottage at 4.30 pm; at the Cemetery at 5 pm.

He also had a daughter born 11 Sept 1892.  I have a second child listed for this couple but a birth date of 1882 so that was 9 years before their marriage so she was either a child of his from an earlier marriage or not his child at all. 

15 June 1898

The Late Capt Vincent

We regret to announce the sudden death of Capt J F Vincent, the well known member of the pilot service of Singapore.

Capt. Vincent has not been very well for some time but was apparently only slightly indisposed and was able to carry on his work.  At the end of last week he suffered slightly from inflammation of the liver, which did not get better and yesterday afternoon his brother-in-law, Mr G A Derrick, persuaded him to go to hospital, where he died last night, from failure of the heart’s action, having been but four hours in the hospital.

Capt. Vincent was 49 years of age and has been out here for some 25 years.  He was much respected by all who knew him, and leaves a widow and four children, who are at present in England.

2 July 1898

This is another sale of furniture of Captain John Fletcher Vincent, husband of Isabella Alice Derrick who died at the age of 48 leaving a widow and 4 children the youngest of whom was just 5 years old. Again the article is too large to type out but makes fascinating reading.  I can email it to you if you wish.


7 July 1898

Alleged breach of trust

Yesterday, Karrim, a collector was arrested at the instance of Mr G A Derrick for criminal breach of trust in respect of fourteen hundred and ninety eight dollars belonging to the estate of the late Mr J F Vincent.  This morning the case was called up before Mr Wolferstan and postponed till Friday the 15th

25 July 1898

Alleged Breach of Trust

This morning, further evidence was taken in the case of criminal breach of trust alleged against Karim, collector of the late Captain J F Vincent.  The cashiers of the Messageries Maritimes and Eastern Telegraph Offices were examined.  After being duly cautioned, the prisoner was committed for trial.  Bail was fixed at $2000

27 October 1898

Mr W H Derrick, the Superintendent of the Pahang Corporation Ltd., who has been in Singapore since Sunday, leaves by the French mail tomorrow for Ceylon, on a short holiday.

24 December 1889

Passenger Lists

Fantee from Linggie, Mr Derrick

4 July 1898

The Pahang Corporation Ltd

This article relates to how much tin was produced from the mines.  W H Derrick is listed as the Superintendent.

10 July 1899

Mr W H derrick, Superintendent of the Pahang Corporation, Ltd is on a visit here from Kuantan.

14 May 1900

Mr W H Derrick, Supt. Of the Pahang Corporation, goes home on leave by the English mail on Friday, accompanied by Mrs Derrick.  Mr Rowland Taylor has taken Mr. Derrick’s place at the Mines while he is on leave.  The staff at the Corporation have presented Mr and Mrs Derrick with a very handsome solid silver salver, suitably inscribed, as a mark of their respect.

28 September 1900

Mr Rowland Taylor is now the Superintendent of the Pahang Corporation, in place of Mr W H Derrick who has gone to England.

22 February 1901

Passenger List

For the Far East

Per P & O s s Plassy from London, Jan 24 due Feb 24 – Mr W H Derrick

25 February 1901

Mr W H Derrick, the manager of the Pahang Corporation and Mrs Derrick have returned from Europe by mail.

25 February 1901

Quite a host of old friends are in Singapore at present, the outward mail bringing not a few, including Dr and Mrs Gilmore Ellis, Mr W H Derrick and Mrs Derrick (who proceed to Pahang in a few days), Mr W C Michell, and Mr W Hargreaves.  Dr T C Mugliston also arrives from leave Mr H Huttenbach, who has had a very rough time of it from bad weather in China, is homeward bound by the Sachsen.

 16 April 1901

Mr Rowland Taylor, who is relinquishing charge of the Pahang Corporation and the Pahang Kabango up the return of Mr W H Derrick from leave, was presented on his departure with a gold watch, of the value of $250, by his friends in Kuantan.

10 September 1901

Mr G A Derrick is going home on leave by the Laos on Monday next.

 3 December 1901

The Pahang Corporation

................seeing the falling off in the returns and the serious increase in expenses the Board had reluctantly to ask Mr Derrick to return to his post before the leave granted him had expired.  Luckily his health had been greatly improved by his holiday, and he was able and willing promptly to accede to the Directors request.  He returned at very short notice, and from the date of his arrival matters appear to have begun to mend and I am now glad to report that they have assumed a more normal aspect......

25 August 1902

Mr and Mrs W H Derrick left for Hong Kong by the s s Bengal on Saturday.

21 June 1904


10 June 1907


At St Luke’s Church, Southampton, on the 8th instant ERNEST INGOLDBY of Southampton to NORA EVELYN youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs G DERRICK (late of Singapore) of Southampton.

12 July 1907


INGOLDBY: DERRICK – On the 8th June, at the St Luke’s Church, Southampton, by the Rev. Dr. Trevaskis, assisted by the Rev. J Wayet, ERNEST INGOLDBY, second son of the late Edward Ingoldby, of Boston, Lincs and Mrs Ingoldby of Hardingstone, Westwood-road, Southampton, to NORA EVELYN, daughter of Mr and Mrs Derrick of Hollybank, Westwood road, Southampton.

24 July 1907

To Let

One newly constructed building in Robinson Road, close to P & O Company’s Office.  Ready for occupation.  Apply to G A Derrick, Gresham House.

18 December 1907


On December 5, 1907, at Shanghai, ERNEST HARRY DOUGLAS DERRICK, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Geo Derrick of “Hollybank” Southampton, to MADELINE ETHEL, fifth daughter of Mrs Limby, Shanghai.

12 Jun 1908

Domestic Occurrences


LE BRECHT-VINCENT.  On June 11th at St Lukes Church, Southampton, by the Rev. Dr. Trevaskis, son of Augustus Le Brecht, of Bournemouth, Hants, to ETHEL ISABEL MAY, daughter of the late Capt. J F Vincent and Mrs Vincent of Raeburn, The Avenue, Southampton.

29 May 1909

Social and Personal

Mr and Mrs G A Derrick have left for a holiday trip in Java.

14 December 1909

Dispute over Dividends

Mrs Justice Sercombe Smith was engaged today with a dispute between the share holders and managing directors of the Johore Gambier Farm over a question over dividends.  The case is listed as Ong Koon Keat and others v Cheang Jin Khong and another.  Mr Farrer-Baynes appeared for the plaintiffs and Messers Knowles and G S Carver for the defence. 

His Lordship suggested, after considerable evidence had been taken, that the case was a suitable one for settlement out of court, and it was agreed by the parties that Mr George Derrick be asked to go into the accounts.  The case was then adjourned.

1 July 1910

The Dock Board

Mr J S M Rennie takes over temporarily the Secretaryship of the Dock Board in succession to Mr Niven retired.  Mr Rennie, who came to Singapore 10 years ago, was four years with Mr George Derrick, and joined the late Dock Company’s service in September 1904, just prior to expropriation by Government in December of that year.

16 November 1911

Port Dickinson Company

At a meeting of the shareholders of the Port Dickinson Rubber Company held yesterday, Mr H R Llewllyn was represented by his attorney Mr G A Derrick. The liquidators report was received adn adopted.

12 October 1912

Ting Kil Tin Mines

First Ordinary Meeting

The first ordinary general (statutory) meeting of the shareholders of the Ting Kil Tin Mines, Limited was held at noon yesterday in the Chamber of Commerce.  Mr K A Stevens presided and there were also present Messers G A Derrick, H M Caldicott, D Turner, W P Skeene and G E Farquharson (for the Secretaries).

On the departure of Mr a D Allan for Australia, Mr George Derrick was asked to take his place on the Board and i think gentleman that this appointment will appeal to you all.......

11 February 1913

The Sequel of Sungei Gau

This is related to the next article and is quite long so have opted to leave it out.  However now we have the date etc we can look up the article if we need it.

12 February 1913

12 April 1913

Singapore Sumatra Timber

The list of subscriptions will close on Monday 14th to an enterprise named “The Singapore Sumatra Timber Company Limited”.  The proposed capital is $500,000 and the present issue is $253,600.  In looking over the prospectus, which is marked for private circulation, the first thing that strikes us is the fact that the whole scheme needs more explanation that it receives.  The vendors are a syndicate consisting of A Agnew, C Alma Baker, G A Derrick, J Lauder, H R Llewellyn, H Millard, N Rauben and K S Smith.  This syndicate has spent $17,000 on option monies, etc and it is asking $137,500 for the occasion it has.....

There is more to this article but its very long so have only put the first section in

17 April 1913

For Sale

A 12/16 H.P. “Sunbeam” Cabriolet Motor car, handsomely upholstered, in first rate condition.  Apply to G A Derrick, Gresham House

21 April 1913

Messrs. Derrick and Co. Advise that they have received a telegram from the manager of the Sungei Gau Tin Mine, dated 19th inst, reading as follows:- “Mill broke down last night; taking parts to Kuala Lumpur; expect will take eight days to repair”

15 December 1913


Derrick – On the 16th November 1913, at “Holybank” Westwood Road, Southampton.   George Derrick, formerly of Singapore, Aged 80 years

18 November 1913

A telegram was received in Singapore yesterday from Southampton stating that Mr George Derrick, father of Mr g A Derrick died yesterday.  The late Mr Derrick was about 82 years of age, and he left Singapore close on twenty years ago.  He was for many years in the service of the Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.  As chief engineer of the Sherard Osborn.  Much sympathy will be felt with Mr G A Derrick, and his brothers William H (who was formerly with the Pahang Corporation) and E H Derrick.

18 December 1913

The Late George Derrick

The mail brings the confirmation of the sad news wired out here of the death of Mr George Derrick, father of Mr G A Derrick, which event took place on Nov. 16 April at Southampton.  The late Mr Derrick was well known in Singapore twenty years ago and a few of his old friends still remain.  He arrived in Singapore on the 24 March 1871 and left here for good on the 17 April 1894, a residence with spells of 23 years, during the whole of which time he was in the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company’s service on their steamers Agnes, Edinburgh and Sherard Osborn.  He was one of the few remaining blockade runners of the American war and made a number of successful runs to both Wilmington and Charlestown and was once captured.  He also did trooping service to China in the war of 1860.  On the 10th October last year celebrated the Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of his wedding and had he lived until the 29th December he would have been 81 years of age.

This article was a great find, we had no idea of George’s involvement in the civil war.  Until we found this it was only speculation that he and Isabella had been in Singapore, as they were missing from the UK in the 1881 and 1891 census and also as their daughter Nora was born in the Singapore Straits, although I wasn’t convinced that Nora was their daughter until I saw her marriage entry, I had wondered if she could be their granddaughter but have now been proved wrong on that part!  It also explains why the family bible was purchased in Wilmington.  I believe that the family bible that is in America was also purchased there which would imply that he was in contact with his cousins there (I will double check this fact though).  We now have dates of when he arrived and departed from Singapore.

1 January 1914

Chronology for the Year 1913

Listed on this is the death of George Derrick which shows how respected he was.

17 April 1915

Rubber and Tin Returns

Agents Derrick & Co

Tambalak:- 5,505

Balgownie:- 11,800

21 February 1916


Derrick – On February 17 at Southampton, Isabel, widow of the late George Derrick Esq. Of Southampton and Singapore.

22 February 1916


DERRICK – On the 17th instant at Southampton ISABEL Widow of the late GEORGE DERRICK ESQ, of Southampton and Singapore.

29 December 1919

Domestic Occurrences


DERRICK, - At the Maternity Hospital, Singapore, on Dec 28th to Mr and Mrs E H DERRICK, a son.

7 September 1918

Comforts for British Forces, Vladivostock

Second List

H E The Govenor                              $50

Lt Colonel W P Hume                      $25

“R”                                                         $50

Mr and Mrs Hooper                        $25

Mrs E H Derrick                                 $25

Mr A E Baddeley                               $25

“T  R D”                                                 $50

Mr L R Macphail                                $50

Colonel and Mrs Derrick                                $100

30 January 1919

The marriage of Mr J R C Badham of the South British Insurance Co. And Mrs Mabel Jansen, sister of Mrs Ernest Derrick, will take place at the Cathedral on Tuesday 28th instant at 12.30pm.  All friends are invited to the Church but no formal invitations are being issued.

27 June 1927

Association of British Malaya

H Day, Col G A Derrick C.B.E., V.D.

Mrs G A Derrick, Mr W H Derrick

12 November 1928

Mr Derrick’s Departure

Presentation From Cable Co’s Employees

15 November 1928

The Hon Mr H W Thomson, Resident of Perak, and Mrs Thomson are travelling to Europe by the Macedonia, which leaves Singapore this afternoon.  Mr E H Derrick, of the Eastern Extension Australasia and China Telegraph Co., is a passenger on the same steamer.



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